Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Enrichment Kit Lists

This is a continuation from my post on enrichment kits for refugees or the needy in general.
Staying stimulated is important mentally, emotionally, and physically. Hobbies and crafts are therapeutic and enriching and these are some ideas for some kits. The extensiveness of the kit is up to the one assembling it.

-knitting needles
-visual based instructions for beginners
-a container for all of the above.

Crochet Kit
-crochet hook
-visual based beginner instructions
-container for the above.

Cross-Stitch Kit
-assorting colors of string
-canvas or (pre-printed canvas with stitch-along artwork on it)
-container for the above.

Mending Kit
-pin cushion
-safety pins
-seam ripper
-container for the above.

Sketch Kit
-assorted pencils by hardness
-assorted pens
-pencil sharpener
-sketch book
-smudge stick
-container for the above

Paint Kit
-heavy weight paper pad
-reservoir for water if supplying acrylic or watercolor
-container for the above

Leather Kit
-prong chisel
-waxed string
-leather knife
-leather stamps
-piercing awl
-sewing awl
-assorted leather tooling, tools
-container for the above.

Wood Kit
-some chisels
-wood glue
-couple clamps
-pencil and sharpener
-small dowels
-hand drill
-spoke shaver
-container for the above

Garden Kit
-potting soil
-spray bottle or watering can
-container for the above.

Have any good kit ideas? Leave a comment.

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