Monday, January 30, 2017

Private Endeavors that Built America Can Build the Needy

America was built by pilgrims, pioneers, and tinkerers. To this day this nation's strength still remains in the hands of the people who contribute to the whole from private endeavors. Some contributions are far reaching and some near, but en-mass act as vital organ to a living nation. Wouldn't such a valuable characteristic of our country also be effective in addressing the refugee crisis?

As Utah, the U.S., and nations around the globe respond to continued calamity, quite a few of us may feel helpless and overwhelmed by the staggering numbers in need. In little bursts of nobility we attend organized events that provide service opportunities but often motivation sputters and we retreat feeling hardly fulfilled by our contribution.

The question occurred to me: what impact might the America-building personal touch have when applied to a refugee crisis? Many of us don't have generous time and funds to donate but perhaps have skills, and ingenuity. A group of cute little elderly women knitting sleeping mats for the homeless, a child collecting toys for refugees, and a good-hearted judge carving wood toys for children. They may not be substantial but everyone throwing in their mites together can mend nations.

I too thought, perhaps, I might be more effective in serving if I were able to serve in my own capacity, and incrementalize my service according to my best available time and funds. I would pick a specific project in which I specialize, fund and create over a year or certain months, then donate after "it" had accrued. That would give me time to assemble resources as they are on sale or as coupons are available. I would be able to provide a well thought out, creative, and long lasting contribution.

This idea was much more encouraging to me since organized events seldom fit my schedule and sometimes limitations placed by organizations restrict what I am able to contribute. But such services when pursued on my own are considerably broader and more creative. When people are left to their own devices backed by their passions and experiences, new and innovative solutions emerge.

In this blog, I intend to post ideas for private service or anything I come across that can contribute to the inspiration and encouragement of those looking to give their personal healing touch to those coming to us for help.

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